2017 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Proposal on Frequency of "Say-on-Pay"

Proposal 4

Pursuant to SEC rules, we are including this proposal to enable our shareholders to indicate how frequently we should seek an advisory vote on the compensation of our Named Executive Officers. By voting on this proposal, shareholders may indicate whether they would prefer an advisory vote on Named Executive Officers compensation once every one, two, or three years, or they may abstain from voting.

The proxy card provides shareholders with the opportunity to choose among four options (holding the vote every one, two, or three years, or abstaining). The optimal frequency of vote will be based on a judgment about the relative benefits of each of the options. There have been diverging views expressed on this question and the Board believes there is a reasonable basis for each of the options. Some shareholders may determine that the two-year or three-year option is appropriate since our compensation program is structured to support long-term performance. Some shareholders may believe an annual vote is appropriate to allow more prompt reaction to our compensation policies.

Our Board recommends that shareholders vote for the option of every "one year" as the frequency to vote on Named Executive Officer compensation. An annual advisory vote will enable shareholders to provide direct input to the Company regarding its compensation philosophy, policies, and practices as disclosed in the proxy statement each year. However, since each option is reasonable, our Board intends to adopt the option that receives the most votes of our shareholders.

The Board of Directors recommends a vote of "EVERY ONE YEAR" on this proposal.