2017 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Shareholder & Proxy Advisor Outreach

We regularly communicate with a large portion of shareholders throughout the year to solicit feedback on key business and corporate governance topics. Additionally, beginning in 2015, we began a process of conducting formal interviews prior to our annual meeting with our top shareholders to assess our corporate governance practices, including executive compensation programs. In 2016, we engaged with shareholders representing approximately 44% of the Company’s common stock. We specifically discussed executive compensation, key corporate governance topics, and other issues important to our shareholders. The feedback received was reviewed by the Board and used to enhance our compensation programs. Furthermore, we received positive feedback for the enhancements made to our proxy statement last year. We continue to make improvements to the format and content in this year’s proxy statement to provide a clear and detailed overview of topics that we believe are important to our shareholders.

During 2016, we also proactively engaged with proxy advisors who represent the interests of certain of our shareholders. SCI and our compensation consultant contacted Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. (ISS) regarding various elements of their initial report, which resulted in a revised report and a favorable recommendation of our Equity Incentive Plan. Additionally, we had a face-to-face meeting with Glass Lewis to discuss concerns with their peer group selection as well as their calculation of Return on Assets (ROA) for our Company. We recognize identifying a peer group for SCI is difficult due to the unique nature of our business and no “true” industry peers. We do not believe the peer group used last year by Glass Lewis consisting of 67% restaurants was an appropriate comparison. These companies generally do not have a sales-centric focus like our preneed programs and several of the business models are asset light, while we are asset rich. We requested that consideration be given to a larger peer group of diversified companies of similar size in revenue, market capitalization, and enterprise value. In terms of a ROA metric, we have consistently argued that adjustments should be made for the unique nature of trust assets on our balance sheet. We have $5.7 billion of trust assets that are not available to use in our business until we provide services or merchandise as discussed on page 4. Therefore, when calculating ROA for our Company, we believe it is appropriate to adjust for these very unique assets that are easily identifiable on our balance sheet for ease of calculation.

We believe it is important to proactively ENGAGE our shareholders, using a COLLABORATIVE approach, and then COMMUNICATE the feedback to our Board to enhance our corporate governance practices.

Key Highlights Reference
  • We have reduced the number of companies and provided more insight into the peer group we use for our long-term performance unit plan that is linked to a total shareholder return.
  • We have clarified our disclosures around performance metrics.
2, 29
  • We have further illustrated our alignment of pay and performance.
  • Board composition and refreshment remains a priority for us. In 2015, we added a new member, Dr. Ellen Ochoa, to our board.
  • We have made changes to the Director's compensation.
  • We have highlighted the evolution of our Board.
Accounting White Paper
  • In response to shareholders' questions regarding the complexities of the Company's accounting for preneed sales, management published a white paper on its website in the fall of 2015.
You can view the white paper at http:// Investors.sci-corp.com under Featured Documents

Communication with Directors

We value dialogue with our shareholders and believe our ongoing outreach efforts, which are in addition to other communication channels available to our stockholders and interested parties, help us to continue to evolve our corporate governance practices in a way that reflects the insights and perspectives of our many stakeholders. Shareholders and other interested parties may communicate with any of the independent Directors, including Committee Chairs and the Lead Independent Director, by using the following address: Service Corporation International, Lead Independent Director c/o Office of Corporate Secretary, 1929 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX 77019 or by email to leaddirector@sci-us.com.